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A major hurdle in waging an effective marketing effort is a weak customer database. The following questions will quickly evaluate the strength of your database.

Rating Your Existing Customer Database

  • Is your database current?

  • Do you have a scheduled system of updating the database?

  • Does your database include both customers and non-customers?

  • Does the database include key market data (i.e. SIC, size, ownership, machine types)

  • Can you easily sort on key customer characteristics to build subsets?

  • Do all departments, including top management, have access to the database?

Decision Technology can equip your staff with the necessary skills and tools to create and maintain a world-class database. Or, Decision Technology can take over the management of your database. Here is a summary of our services:

Database Consulting & Training Providing customer database skills, strategy and tools to your in-house staff.

Database Design Many customer databases are simply a computer version of an address book. Proper design will add fields and functions that make the database powerful and useful to a cross-section of departments.

Database Updating and Enhancement Decision Technology utilizes powerful software tools linked to several national database sources. We can run our software against your database to accomplish two goals: 1) update old record fields and 2) add powerful new data fields that allow for sophisticated customer profiling.

Customer Profiling Once the database is up to date and enhanced, customer profiles can be generated that reveal buying patterns based on a number of factors such as: product types, customer characteristics, market factors, geographic delimiters and distribution issues.

Sales Force Automation The sales staff can benefit the most from a useful customer database. Consulting and training in this area can increase field sales effectiveness.



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