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Market Development
Customer Research
Ad & Promotion Research

Today, keeping on top of competitors is a difficult task. The number of global competitors is growing and the half-life of manufacturing knowledge is now estimated to be 3 to 5 years (control system half-life is 12 to 18 months). Yet, your company must have current information for strategic marketing and product development.


Commercial & Strategic Benchmarking

A commercial profile can be created for each major competitor. The profile may include up to 20 key commercial and marketing factors as well as interviews with industry sources and customers close to the competitor.

  1. Company Name

  2. Facilities Locations

    • Headquarters (world & USA)

    • Main Sales Offices

    • Manufacturing Locations

  3. Ownership

    • Privately held (i.e. Family owned, Partnership)

    • Publicly traded

  4. Years in Business

  5. Key Management & Sales Executives

  6. Number of Employees

  7. Financial Information

    • Present net worth

    • Profitability

    • Stock Price

    • P/E Ratio

    • Short and long-term debt

  8. Corporate Structure, Organization & History

  9. Joint Ventures & Associations & Manufacturing Licenses

  10. Trade Association Participation

  11. Manufacturing Capability & Philosophy

    • Operational philosophy

    • Major equipment

    • Union status

    • Wage scales

    • Inventory issues

    • Vendor relations

  12. Engineering Capabilities

    • Research

    • Product engineering

    • CAD/CAM status

    • Applications

    • Turn-key

  13. Sales Information

    • Annual Sales Volume

    • Major customers

    • Product offerings and range

  14. Sales Distribution

    • Direct? - Sales Office Locations - Management

    • Distributors/Reps? - Names & Locations - Management

    • Strengths & Weaknesses of Sales Distribution

  15. Marketing Strategy

    • Markets

    • Share

    • Pricing strategy

    • Value

    • Applications

  16. Quality Accreditations (ex: ISO 9002, QS 9000, Ford Q1, etc.)

  17. Insider information from industry sources

  18. Customer interviews


Product Feature Benchmarking (Competitive Matrix)

Decision Technology can create a custom computer matrix containing significant competitive feature and benefit data on each key competitive machine model. Raw data will come from the client’s competitive files and external sources. The Competitive Matrix is used for:

  1. Competitive “Strength & Weakness” analysis.

  2. Machine feature “Frequency Distribution” charts used for product planning and product market positioning.

  3. Providing data for the Product Value Analysis (PAR)

  4. Rapid updating of future competitive changes.



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