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Customer Research
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For some clients, exploring new markets is the primary need. For others, segmenting existing markets is issue. In either case, Decision Technology has the capability to identify the key characteristics and needs of multiple markets.

If your business is typical, you supply equipment and services to a wide variety of customers. Market segmentation studies facilitate the identification of distinctive “customer groups” based on differing characteristics. SIC codes are frequently used to define the type of products and/or services manufactured by your customers.

Decision Technology will work with you to identify, categorize, trend and size the market segments that support your present business and those that are key to your future growth.

Here is a summary of our services:

  • New market development – based on characteristics such as:

    • Machine capabilities

    • Workpiece machining needs

    • Production batch sizes and setup characteristics

    • Tooling capabilities

  • Market size & potential

  • Market segmentation

  • Market characteristics and trends



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